This is the brain child of Dr.Stephanie Oarhe. ‘It is better to train a child than to repair an adult’ a wise man once said. We discovered that the youthful restiveness, educational backwardness and poor family value systems prevalent in the Niger Delta, is a grass root issue and must be tackled from the root.

It will require a total reorientation and redirection of the minds of the children. This initiative began with seminars in both primary and post primary schools and in 2009; the organisation adopted two post primary schools namely; Abuloma Community Secondary School and Elekahia Community Secondary School.

The adoption offers the schools the following;

Leadership Training

Leadership development trainings for school prefects and class prefects of primary and post primary schools in the region. We treat the following topics;

  • Successful leadership
  • Citizenship
  • Authority Orientation
  • Responsibility
  • Delegation
  • Self discovery
  • Goal setting
  • Mentorship

The topics are framed to address career choices and the requirements for these career choices, citizenship - how to shun vices like examination malpractice & cultism, developing study habits, Self discovery and family values. We employ the use of visual aids like PowerPoint presentations, video shows and live drama.


We give educational aide like Notebooks, mathematical sets, Bibles and writing materials to the schools we have adopted and those we have not yet adopted.

The plan is so extend this service to as many quarters as possible.

With the right partnerships with funding bodies, we will achieve this. In the plan also is scholarship programmes for deserving students.


With our team of seasoned volunteers, we give counselling to students in post primary and tertiary institutions as well as adults. The beneficiaries include:

  • Those with career choice problems
  • Those with abuse problems like sexual abuse, rape etc
  • Those that have sexual addictions and habits
  • Those that are into vices like lesbianism, homosexuality, drugs and cultism
  • Those with esteem problems
  • Those with emotional issues like depression, frustration, insecurity and traumas
  • Issues of teenage pregnancy, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases and youthful delinquencies

Skill Acquisition

We also collaborate with vocational bodies and organisation to organise free skill acquisition programmes for those who have the aptitude.

Our focus is in computer appreciation.