Train a Child

The ‘Train a Child initiative is a philanthropic move by Heart2Heart foundation.

The operational base of the foundation is in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria and this region is classified by the Nigerian Education governing bodies as educationally disadvantaged. Having witnessed the adverse effect of this educational backwardness on the socio-economic life of the Niger Deltans, Heart2Heart foundation embarked on the ‘Train a Child Project’ in 2006. Several students have benefited from either the scholarship programme and skill acquisition programmes organised periodically by the foundation.

In 2008, Heart2Heart foundation took a giant step and adopted two secondary schools within their operational base. The schools are Abuloma Community secondary school and Elekahia community secondary school.

The purpose of the adoption is to cater for the following;

  • Distribute study materials like Mathematical sets, Notebooks and Recommended Bibles
  • Conduct counselling sessions for the students especially those that are having emotional issues such as sexual abuse and/or addition, cultism, premarital sex, Pornography, career choices and guidance, Leadership development
  • Running skill acquisition programmes

The child is the symbol of the future. Partner with Heart2Heart Foundation to fulfil this noble course.